Simple Velcro Nail Polish Under-Cabinet Storage

Introduction: Simple Velcro Nail Polish Under-Cabinet Storage

I'm always hunting for ways to get clutter off of my counters and out of my cabinets. As an apartment dweller, I tend to gravitate towards DIY's that won't leave me puttying before I leave, 
This was a 10 minute project done with some Adhesive Velcro and a glue gun. I would suggest using Velcro brand over the dollarstore kind, simply because you're using it to hold glass containers.

Cut the loop side of your Velcro (the soft side!) into sections sized to your nailpolish tops. You could cut them to be fitted to each one if you're more caring of it. I'm lazy and prefer instant gratification.

Step 1:

Hot glue your Velcro to the tops of the bottles, making sure to press firmly for at least 10 seconds so as to get the best hold.
Any glue would likely work for this part, but again... I like instant gratification projects.

Step 2:

Take the full strip of the Hook  side of your Velcro, and measure to the length of the underside of your cabinet. Now stick it. Give it a few firm rubs over, for good measure!
You could glue it on also, but I find it holds just fine with its own adhesive. It just depends on your cabinet I suppose.

Step 3:

I had originally planned to do this with makeup but found it too tedious, but it could work for you!

I've since affixed all my buffers and files with Velcro, and added them to the mix.

Thanks for reading!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    like this project. will be doing it soon. Nice pic. by the way