Simple Voice Controlled Door Lock



Introduction: Simple Voice Controlled Door Lock

So I decided I wanted to build a bookshelf door for my office at home. Now there are lots of walk-through that explain how to build this type of thing. My issue came with how to keep my kids out of my office. I have small children and they will happily stroll into my office and pull everything apart. Now my issue was how do you add a lock without destroying the look of the shelf.

I found this item

Its an electromagnet. If you apply the correct amount of voltage this thing will keep people out. An electromagnet is a magnet that only magnetizes when electricity gets applied. This instructable basically is how i set this electromagnet up and linked it to voice control through my phone.

Step 1: Tools


WEMO Smart Switch

Small amount of wood

12v Power Adapter

Step 2: Electromagnet

The electromagnet comes in two parts. There is the actual mechanism of the magnet and then the steel attachment that it links to. You need to mount it on the door and on the frame. Ideally you want the mechanism to be on the frame and the steel to be on the door. Just basically find some spare wood to make this happen.

Step 3: Power

Find a 12v adapter. I used one that ran a tv box. I looked for something with higher amp rating. Take the adapter and snip off the tip. Strip the wires and tie them together with the electromagnet (power to power and negative to negative).

Step 4: WEMO Switch and Voice Control

Once you have the power hooked up using something simple like a WEMO switch to enable the additional connectivity. The voice control factor comes in when you link the WEMO device to something like Google Assistant. Now I wont go to into it because there is enough information online to help. You can also use the smartphone as a remote without the voice activation. I have found the voice activation made things go a little smoother.

Step 5: Conclusion

This was a fairly simple set-up, but I've found it an easy way to add some security to different rooms in my house. The average smart lock can cost $150 and up. What I have shown here is probably would cost you $60 or $80. Nice way to save money and usable.

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