Introduction: Simple Wallpaper Using Photography and Layer Blending - Photoshop Tutorial

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Make a Visually stunning Wallpaper using a simple technique inside photoshop.

Anyone can make a wallpaper this good, and its alot easier than you might think!

So, first things first go to-
  • File > New
Set your width and height to pixels, and set to the same size as your screen, Your resolution will be fine at 72 pixels/cm

Set the colour mode to 'RGB', and the Back ground to 'Transparent'

  • Click ok

Step 1: Adjust It!

Now we need to get our chosen photo into the new document.

  • Open up the photo in photoshop
  • Select the Move tool
  • Drag the picture across into the new document window

You should see the picture sat there - Depending on your camera, you will most likely find that the picture is way too big.

Zoom out by pressing Command -
(CTRL - in windows)

  • Edit > Free Transform

Using the Handles adjust the image till it just fits the document.

Step 2: Creating Layers

In your layer pallette, you should see two layers, one black, one with your image.

  • Drag your image layer down to the 'new layer' icon to make a copy.

Again, in the layer pallete, you should see a little drop down box reading 'normal'

  • Make sure your on the top layer, Click on this box, and you should see a wide range of names (actually called blending modes), click and play around till you get an effect that looks good to you.

I went for the overlay blending mode, but later changed my mind and chose the Pin light.

Step 3: More Free Transform

Make sure you have the top layer selected.

  • Edit > Free transform

Now, grab the top layer and Enlarge the image towards one corner.

At this point, i then made a 3rd layer, and made this larger again, don't forget to choose a blending mode!

I went with Pin Light again.

Step 4: Add a Bit of Text

A good final addition is to add a little bit of text.

Select your text tool, and type in what ever you fancy - Due to my reputation in the chatroom, i decided to go with 'Gmjhowe - Destroyer of Worlds'

Once you have your text,
  • click on the little arrow in the layer palette, and select 'Rasterize type'
  • select a layer blending mode

Now select the move tool, and place the text where you think would look best.

Step 5: Save It!

  • Save the file as a .jpg or .tif file
  • set it as your desktop background in your OS settings.

Completion, that wasn't too hard was it?

Now experiment, and play around, create new amazing things.

Heres a pic of my final thing!