Simple Warm Trousers



Introduction: Simple Warm Trousers

Have you an unused or extra jacket? Change it easily and quickly into warm trousers for your kids.

I need to make warm trousers for cold winter days. Use these instructions to recycle your jacket or coat. The version presented in this guide is very simple and fast to do.


  • sewing machine
  • serger (optional)
  • elastic band or waistband
  • suitable fabric

Step 1:

You may have already pattern for trousers or you can use old ones as a template

In this tutorial, I use sleeves on the jacket, so making it easy and quick.

Make the measurement and marking accurately. Then cut

Accuracy at this point will make future steps more enjoyable.

Note the waist length in the measurement. The length of your waist depends on whether you are using the elastic band or sewing the waistband.

I turned the seam so I made the waist one inch longer

Step 2:

Sew the pieces together. I used the serger, but I decided to secure seams with a sewing machine

Step 3:

Attach the elastic band to the waist.

I measured the elastic band a bit shorter than the width of the pants. I fastened it with stitching and finally turned it into hide.

You´re done

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