Introduction: Simple Washer Bracelet

I have always enjoyed creating new pieces of jewelry. Recently I have been trying new ideas of making jewelry with hardware pieces. Here is a simple design I made that actually creates a pretty awesome bracelet out of yarn and a washer.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what is needed to make the washer bracelet.



Step 2: Cut Out Strings

Start by cutting 12 strands of yarn about 18" long. I used some great cotton yarn that worked really well.

Step 3: Weave String Through Washer

Take 6 strands of the yarn and fold it in half. Pull the looped end through the center of the washer and loop the ends of the strands through the loop, tying it off.

Repeat with the other 6 strands on the other side. of the washer

Step 4: Braid Strings

Once the strands were tied onto the washer, I braided the strands on either side. I then tied off each end of the braid.

One one end of the braid, after I tied it off I looped it around and tied a loop into the braided side to have a way to create a fastener for the bracelet

Step 5: Finished

With the last couple knots you are done!. I have been wearing this bracelet since I made it. I actually really like how it came out. I know it is super simple but it gives a little bit of shine to a regular braided bracelet.