Introduction: Water & Bottle Ventilator Machine Simplest DIY Respirator

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During corona-virus (covid 19) outbreak many hospitals are lacking ventilator machines, therefore upon close observation i stumbled upon a very simple way to make ventilator machine this machine provide noninvasive type of ventilation,and the setup is so simple that is only uses bucket full of water and empty plastic bottle ,i am sharing this idea to save possible life's in this covid -19 situation. Stay home saty safe , and let's do this.

# Things You will Need

Empty Large Bottle

Bucket Full of Water

Set of ventilation mask or respirator

# OPTIONALLY (For Full Automation)

Strong Metal wire piece

Wiper motor or Servo

Battery or power supply

Step 1: The Setup of Bottle Ventilator

Check out the video for the detail setup. i have elaborated each step in the video.

Step 2: Automation and Features


you can use car wiper motor or hobby rc servo motors to automate this ventilator and power using powersupply or battery for portable operation.


Its valveless so long life

very cheap to make

operates realiably

make it in no time.

you already have the parts (stay inside you home!)