Introduction: Simple Way to Change Your Car's Oil

In this instructable, you will learn how to change your car's oil.

Things you will need to perform this job

  • A socket wrench with 12mm socket (socket may vary, see owner's manual)
  • Funnel
  • 5 quarts of correct oil and filter (See owner's manual or ask the parts store)
  • Safety glasses and gloves
  • Shop towels
  • Bucket to hold used oil

Step 1:

1. Park the vehicle on a level surface, engage the parking brake

and turn off the engine.

2. Before lifting the vehicle loosen the lug nuts. (Passenger side front)

3. Use a car jack to lift the vehicle and then support it with a jack stand. (Never work under a vehicle supported only by a jack.)

4. Take the tire off and set it aside

5. Open hood, locate the oil dipstick and remove (Help to remove the pressure from the engine)

Step 2:

6. After ensuring vehicle is securely supported, put on safety

glasses and gloves, crawl under the vehicle and locate engine oil pan and oil drain plug (See owner's manual for reference)

7. Once oil pan and oil drain plug is located, use the socket wrench to loosen the drain plug.

8. Place the bucket underneath, slowly turn the drain plug and remove it. (Caution: Oil may be hot)

9. Let the oil drain out from engine (leave it for 5 mins)

10. Inspect the drain plug threads and gasket. Replace if you have any concerns on how it looks.

Step 3:

11. Reinstall the drain plug with gasket and tighten with

manufacturer specified torque (See owner's manual)

12. Locate oil filter, place the bucket under the oil filter to catch the residual oil remaining inside the filter.

13. Loosen the oil filter by rotating it counterclockwise with hand, and allow the oil to drain from filter. (If too tight use the oil filter removal tool)

14. Check to make sure the old filter gasket has come off with the filter. Before installing the new one.

15. Place a light coating of oil on the gasket of the new oil filter so it will install smoothly onto the engine. By hand, install the new oil filter and rotate clockwise direction, just hand tighten it. (If the oil filter is mounted vertically, you may have to prefill the filter, before installing it.)

Step 4:

16. You are now ready to change the oil. Under the hood remove

the oil cap and pour in the correct oil and amount. Replace oil fill cap.

17. (See owner's manual for the recommended grade, specification, and amount.)

18. Lower the vehicle to level ground. Start the vehicle and run idle for 1 min. carefully inspect under the vehicle for any leaks. If leaks are visible, shut off the engine and repair the leaks immediately.

19. Insert and remove oil dipstick to check proper level, add more oil if necessary.

20. Pour the used oil back into the jug using a funnel and take it back to your local recycling facilities.