Introduction: Simple Winter Hot Chocolate With Mods...

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This is part of my simple drinks with shaker jars...

My other is a simple iced coffee


Hot Chocolate powder (just add hot milk)



Jar with tight fitting lid

Optional extras:


Instant coffee

Step 1: Add Milk to Your Mug and Heat in Microwave

My milk was heated for 2min 30s in a 850W microwave.

You can give it more or less time if you want.

While the milk is heating, add the hot chocolate powder and sugar to your jar!

Step 2: Just SHAKE!

Add the milk to your jar, put on the lid (TIGHT!!) and shake!!

Top tip:


Step 3: Pour Your Hot Chocolate!

Add your hot chocolate back into your empty mug and enjoy!


Mod it!

Step 4: MODS!!


Shake up a small amount of cold milk and add it into the centre of your hot chocolate! YUM!!


Shake up some milk with instant coffee and add to the centre! More ambitious!

Or finally,

Shake up small amount of milk, pour into centre of hot chocolate and then add 1/2tsp instant coffee and serve immediately with or without cookies or biscuits!


Step 5: BONUS!!

For those wondering...

NONE of those photos were edited and this recipe was just made by me on the spot stood with a laptop and a camera!!



I use a DSLR for ALL my photos:

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

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