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Introduction: Simple Wire Pumpkin

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This inscrutable will show you how to make a simple wire pumpkin in about 5 min! But first you will need a few things,

- Enameled Copper Wire

- needle nose pliers

- something to wrap your wire around

Step 1: Wrap Your Wire

Depending on how big you want your wire pumpkin to be you will want a different size circle to wrap your wire around. For this step i used the head of a hammer but you could use a bottle cap or anything else similar.

When wrap your wire around make sure to keep the wire taught to avoid ripples in the wire, making your final product look clean.

Wrap it around 8 or more times for the best look.

Step 2: The Stem

To make the stem cut a piece of wire about 2-3 in in length.

Then wrap one end around the needle nose pliers a few times to create the head of the stem.

Next either straighten out or curve the tail of the stem.

A good way to to straighten out wire is to get 2 pliers and pull the wire is opposite directions.

Step 3: Combine the Two

Here its just as simple as using the stem to wrap around the inside of the coil of wire that you just made.

Make sure you have both ends on the inside of the pumpkin so there are just solid loops on the outside.

After that simply fan out the wire around the center, work the wire to keep in place because at this point its going to act like a spring and want to go back to its original position.

You can even pass the first loop through the last one to keep it in place.

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