Introduction: Simple Wireless Water Tank Overflow Alarm Simple Without Any Microcontroller

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As we all know water is the most precious thing for the whole world without water we can't survive we just have 2.5% fresh water on the earth that we can drink.So it is simple that wasting even a single drop of water is unaccepted.

Hello, everyone in this instructable I am going to show you how to make wireless water overflow alarm. It's really cheap & simple also that you are going to see in the instructable. And it also easy to install and reliable also so let`s start without wasting more time.

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Step 1: Stuffs You`ll Need

1. Wireless bell

2. Float sensor

3. Cells

4. Some tools(like- soldering iron, screwdriver, scissor etc.)

That`s all you need

Step 2: Install Cells & Check

After gathering all the things required you`ll need to first open the remote of the bell from the back side and install the cell in my case it is of 12Volt and 23amp cell and after installing cell in remote you will need to install 1.5V AA cells in receiver and after installation of cells check the bell it should work properly and also test the range it should be according to your need .

Step 3: Install the Float Sensor in Your Tank

For the sake of demonstration I installed float sensor to this small water container but you can install it in your big water tank and I have already installed in my water tank its very easy to install you just need to make one hole according to the diameter of you float sensor required. And install washer also and tight the nut.

After this demonstration, I have installed float sensor to my tank and I am also sharing some pictures of my tank.

Step 4: Configure & Connect Float Sensor

After installing the float sensor into your tank you`ll need to configure two point contact of your remote switch that triggers the bell and after configuring the two switch points of remote you need to solder two-wire of float sensor parallel with the two contacts of a switch of the remote of a bell that's all. After this, you just need to test your alarm by filling water or by moving float sensor up and down

Step 5: Demonstration Video

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