Introduction: Simple Wooden Lock Box (In 8 Easy Steps)

Tools needed:

Wood Nails


Nail Gun

Wood/Gorilla Glue

Hand saw or Table Saw

2 1-1/2 Hinges

One Plated Safety Hasp Set

Good Ol' Fashioned Common Sense

Step 1: Get a Flat Piece of Wood and Cut It Into Six Wooden Squares

Step 2: Glue Each Side Together

Use Gorilla Glue or Wood Glue

Step 3: Use Nail Gun to Nail Each Side Together

Use wood nails and hammer if nail gun is not accessible

Step 4: Place Wood Panel on the Bottom and Nail It to Each of the Four Sides

Step 5: Let It Dry Overnight

Step 6: Screw Two 1-1/2 Hinges on Both the Back of the Top Cover and Back of the Box

Step 7: Screw the "lock" Part of the Latch on to the Box

Step 8: Screw the "latch" Part to the Top Cover of the Box