Simple Wooden Go-Kart- Materials

Introduction: Simple Wooden Go-Kart- Materials


4 wagon wheels

100 Zipties

4 Eyehooks

1 Plastic Chair

1 Rope

2 Threaded Rods able to support (100lbs) each

11 washers

2(2x4 planks of wood)

1(2x6 plank of wood)

4 Locknuts

6 nuts

50 screws

1 screw plate

1 Lawn Chai

Step 1: Putting Together the Frame

- cut your 2x4 planks of wood 261/2 inches long

- cut your 2x6 planks of wood 43

- Set up your planks as shown in the picture

- Use a 3cm drill to drill through both planks of wood for the pivot point

- Put one washer on top of the hole and two between the two planks and one on the bottom of the two planks.

- Then Insert the half threaded bolt through the two holes in the plank so that it secures the two planks together.

- next insert two bolts onto the protruding end of the bolt to secure the two planks together.

- Then Screw in two 2 inch screws as shown in the picture to secure the rear frame plank and the center plank together.

- Next use a screw plate and six 1 inch screws as shown in the picture to add more support (make sure that you use the inner 6 holes on the screw plate to put the screws into.

- Now you are done assembling the frame.

Step 2: Attaching Axle/Wheels

- Flip over the frame of your go-kart to the bottom side

- on your back plank measure 4 inches from the edge of the wood and make a mark (make sure your mark is in the center of the wood)

- Repeat the second step for the other end of the wood

- Now drill into were you marked 3/4's of and inch.(repeat this for the other mark).

- Screw in the eyehooks into the hole make sure both sides are level so the threaded rod can pass through both eyehooks.

- Put the threwded rod through both eyehooks

-Now Ziptie the threaded rod to the top of the eyehook so I sits firmly on the eyehook. Put for Zipties on each side of the wood.

- Now screw on a nut about two inches onto both sides of the threaded rod then slide on a washer.

- Insert the wheel onto to both ends of the threaded rod followed by a washer and a lock nut. Make sure the wheel can move freely without moving the axel.

- Repeat these steps on the front side of the cart.

Step 3: Attaching the Chair and Rope.

- Get a Lawn Chair.

- Saw off the legs of the lawn chair.

- Drill a hole 6 inches apart in the center of the lawn chair. (This depends on your lawn chair)

- Drill in your screw 3 inches through the chair.

Now it's time to attach the rope

- Get your rope

- Ties the two ends of the rope three inches away from the end of each side of wood.

- Make sure you can stear and turn with the rope

Now you have a wooden go-kart!

Step 4: Test Run

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    5 years ago

    Anyway you could adapt this to have brakes and pedals


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool, this looks like fun!

    A lot of your photos are sideways or upside down; you can actually rotate those in the editor if you wanted to. Just a thought! :)