Simple Wooden Wellington Rack

Introduction: Simple Wooden Wellington Rack

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Well here wae are again,

Its time for another instructable and shock horror!!!! this one is a more practicle instructable than my usual cosplay or comic themed ones.

After visiting my grandfather again and spending the weekend down in very very wet Somerset decided to make him something practical ( Sommerset UK for those that dont know and the home of cider, apples, yee old folk and general wet weather)

We went on a few long walks as usual and got very muddy in the fields and floods, but to my amazement the old man has not got a welly/wellie rack, We went to the local garden centre to see if they had any and they were £60-£120!!!!!! Shocking!!

Needless to say I told him not to buy one I will make him one, to which the usual family banter followed which I will not bore you with....

Anyway to the instructable.....

Step 1: You Will Need....

Wood if you had not quessed, now you can make any size you want so for the sake of argument I used some old Oak i had lying around but you can use what you wish

1x Block

2x Pieces of 2x2 28" long per pair of wellies ( as you can see I wanted at least 4 pairs so 8 pieces of wood ) or thick dowel can be used as the tops are rounded alreay

Drill or chisel or both

Wood Glue


sander or paper

Step 2: Assemble.....

Sorry as I do, I have a tendancy to get a bit carried away with the making and was not focused on documenting the built properley

Once all was cut to size required and sanded I measured up the holes on the base and drilled the required holes about an inch into the base, you can drill throught if you want but I perfer not too, I used a 1 1/2 inch circular holesaw dremell attachment then and further trimmings used a chisel.

(note less is more here too big hole and the pillar will not fit sung and wobble)

Then I sanded down each "pillar" at one end.about 1 inch into a rouch circle shape, using dowel here you would save lots of time but wanted to used the parts I have lying around to save each to their own, Once testing each lightly that they would fit without forcing them in I was happy to move on

Then filled the holes with wood glue and used a trusty hammer to tap the pillars firmly into place and let dry

Step 3: Finishing Touch

Once all is dry its time to varnish, It can be left if wante but not recomended, I also knocked up a quick boot jack from an old cut off which was a simple wedge shape with a triangle cut out to allow leavering of the boots

You will also see that prior to varnish I bad a shocking attempt to engrave with a dremell lol

Once your varnish is dry its good to use, I was worried about the weight of the boots and the base being knocked over but alone the rack was quite heavey so was fine.....

and all this was less than £20 of wood and using cut offs so the big shop chains can keep their £80+ examples lol

(more pictures to follow when the old me receives it)


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    7 years ago

    You should add your Boot Jack pattern too, to complete the set.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Think I will have to at some point, was a quick after thought that i did not think to show the process of, cheers for the comment