Introduction: Simple XBEE Adapter With Level Shifters

In this few steps I will show you the schematics and PCB design of an adapter I've made for my XBEE PRO modules.

Since I needed a flexible adapter for my radio modules I created this little board using thru-hole components. With it I am able to connect my modules to a 5V microcontroller or to my MAX232 serial port adapter in order to configure the modules using "Minicom" if you are under Linux or you can also configure them using X-CTU software if you are running Windows.

Step 1: Level Shifting From 5V Logic to 3.3V Logic

To shift from 5V logic levels to 3.3V, I used 2 carbon resistors making a voltage divider. This simple solution works fine for my needs

Step 2: Level Shifting From 3.3V Logic to 5V Logic

In order to translate 3.3V signals to 5V, I decided to use a 4069 CMOS HEX Inverter.

Please pay attention that the power supply for this IC is 5V, but the input signal is the output of the Xbee's "DOUT" pin (3.3V logic).

Step 3: Schematic & PCB Layout

This is the final schematic of my board. I hope you find it useful for any application or project.

Please feel free to modify it and leave any suggestion :-)

Step 4: