Introduction: Simple Yarn Doll

recycle simple things from your home


You will need:

- sampagne cap (both metal and cork)

- different collors yarn

- scissors

- paint for the skin and face

- a small brush

- rubber ball

Step 1:

separate the champaghe wire from the cap and make it round

Step 2:

start making a knot from one side of the wire

Step 3:

roll up the yarn so you can fill in the skirt of the doll

Step 4:

make it full

Step 5:

place the champagne cork inside

Step 6:

fill it with yarn in a circular move

Step 7:

place a lanyard as a belt for the doll

Step 8:

make a knot

Step 9:

start painting the rubber ball placing it on a orange or another fruit using a toothpick. use a light colour

Step 10:

paint the body of the doll with light colour

Step 11:

after the paint is dry sketch the face of the doll

Step 12:

make the hair rolling up the yarn around two fingers, make a knot between the fingers, then cut off one side

Step 13:

Step 14: