Introduction: Simple Zombie Mask

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Hi,In this instructable i am going to show you how to make a simple Zombie mask using easy to find materials.

all the shapes are fairly simple and can be drawn out by hand but i will also include a template images should you wish to print them straight onto the card instead.

The basic mask template is one i have used in previous and will be using in future instructables so if you don't have a printer you may want to draw out two and keep one as a template for future mask making.

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need



Stapler and staples.

Craft knife

Cutting mat (or alternatively use the back of an old magazine)


.2 x A4 sheets of blue card (but you'll only use 1 A4 and a half of the other)

a bit of yellow, red and black card (we are only using small bits of each, black being the biggest bit needed)

Glue dots (alternatively you can use double sided tape

String (or better yet elasticated cord)

Step 2: The Basic Mask

Once you have your mask template on the card either via print out or drawing it on cut it out, cutting the 3 lines at the top and bottom (6 in total)

Next using your craft knife cut out the eyes, mouth and around the nose flap.

This next bit is a bit fiddly. Over lap the edges at the cut at the top and staple them together, repeat this for all the cuts. NOTE: you may want to ensure that the staples go from the inside of the mask out as they will be less likely to snag on hair.

Step 3: Creature Features

Once you have the base of the mask assembled its time to cut out the features.

going from left to right in the first picture (the blue bits) we have:





And in the other picture we have

Black = hair and eyebrows

Yellow = teeth

Red = under eyes

Step 4: My Zombie Has No Nose...

Then how does he small?


Ahem...I'll stick to making stuff.

Take the 3 shortest blue strips. attach a glue dot to the end and roll them into a oval.

Place a glue dot on the side with the "Seam" on it.

Attach the large oval vertically on the nose flap and the smaller "nostrils" horizontally on either side

Step 5: Zombie Bite

To make the mouth take the two curved strips have one with the curve going up like a smile, this will be your lower lip and one curving down like a frown. This will be your upper lip. Attach the teeth to the inside of the lips.

Attache the lower lip/teeth using glue dots at either side of the mask in the jaw area and repeat with the upper lip.

Note: you dont need to do it in that order. if you do the upper lip first you with get a more "jutting jaw" look

Step 6: The Eyes and Brow

Take your two red strips. attache a glue dot at each end and attach them under the eyes. if you leave a little slack it makes it look like the lower eyelids are drooping.

For the brow simply attach it at either side of the brow area. if you attach on side slightly higher than the other it helps give it that gormless look.

Attach the hair and eyebrows and your almost done

Step 7: Finishing Touches

take a good length of string. it should be long enough to go around your head with extra to tie knots into.

Cut it in half and tie a knot at one end of each.

Take your knotted end of the string and staple it in place to the inside of the mask making sure the knot is behind the staple (and that the staple goes from the inside of the mask out)

and finished!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and you can go on to add more features like I've done with the last picture.

Feel free to post any picture of your masks in the comments below and i hope you have a great Halloween!


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