Introduction: Simple Aircraft Using Only 6 Ice-cream Wooden Sticks

This is my first instructable and I would like start with a very simple idea.don't throw out ice-cream wooden sticks , simply wash and dry them and keep somewhere , and sure you use them to build something.

Step 1: Tools and Measurements,then Start

  • Small saw
  • simple measure
  • Wood jaw or a plier and a rubber band
  • wood glue
  • 6 wooden ice-cream sticks.I use 8-shape sticks,they make a better shape for aircraft

On the first stick,with 7.5 cm length to the outer edge,put the second stick with about 75 degrees between two sticks and draw a line on the first one on both sides of second stick edges.then cut the first stick on the outer line.

Step 2: Main Body and Vertical Rudder

  • Using the first shorten stick,match its edge with another 2 sticks and draw line on them,so if you cut them you have 3 same shape sticks.
  • Now cut inner line on the first stick and those 2 lines on another 2 sticks. these are main body of aircraft.the first stick in middle and another 2 sticks on its both sides.
  • If you have sticks with engrave letters on them,try to use them on the outer sides on main body.for this purpose,use mirror lines on the simple side of second and third sticks as the second photo of this step shows.
  • In the third photo,as you see,I use the first stick again to mark the forth stick for vertical rudder,use maximum 40% of the stick length for vertical rudder include its part which is hidden inside main put it almost vertically(with about 70~80 degree angle as mentioned before) on the end edge of first stick and draw a line on it using intersection with the lower edge of first stick.Now cut this forth stick.

Step 3: Bind Main Body and Vertical Rudder

  • Now we have 4 ready to bind sticks.the first stick we cut,in the middle of main body and second and third stick on the both sides of it,and we have an empty place in the middle layer for vertical rudder.Bind them using wood glue as the first photo in this step shows.
  • Use a jaw or clip or even a simple eyelet plier ,a rubber band around its handles as a holder to press all these wooden sticks together.Wait till the glue gets dried.

Step 4: Notch on Main Body for Wings

  • After main body gets ready draw a virtual line along the aircraft body and mark a 2.5 cm (let say)vertical line on the half of stick width.from this point draw a line to the almost middle of stick,so you have a triangle as the first photo shows in this step.(you can use a pencil to draw this virtual line so can clean it later)
  • Cut the rectangle as the second photo shows.
  • using the small saw,make a 0.5 cm notch(half of the stick width in the middle narrow part) along the virtual line in the main body.

Step 5: Horizontal Rudder and Wings

  • At the end of main body an half of its width,make a 0.5 cm notch along the main body for horizontal rudder
  • cut the fifth stick on the 2 cm from its middle to each side as the second and third photos show
  • cut the sixth stick as forth photo shows.On its middle we need a notch with 0.5 cm depth and width equals to the width of main body

Step 6: Bind Horizontal Rudder and Wings

  • first bind h-rudder in its notch
  • Then use glue and bind the sixth stick in its notch as wing.
  • Using a cutter,remove extra glue and grindstone to match all stick edges
  • after cleaning aircraft,use a sting and hang it on the top of kid bed.