Simple and Awesome Steampunk Fascinator

Introduction: Simple and Awesome Steampunk Fascinator

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I'm getting married shortly, and my steampunk-hinted wedding needs steampunk-hinted hairpieces.  I'm cheap and unwilling to pay David's Bridal on the order of fifty bucks for a few pieces of synthetic fabric glued to an alligator clip-- I'm more than capable of doing that myself!

For this instructable, you will need:

A swatch of chiffon or organza that matches your bridesmaids' dresses.  Make sure the fabric is synthetic
A candle
Matches with which to light said candle
a hot glue gun and glue sticks
cool metal buttons or things to be the center of the flowers.  I wandered around in the jewelry aisle of a Michael's to find mine.
clock hands -- I ordered a whole bunch of "walnut hollow" brand hands from their website.
peacock feathers
small alligator-style hair clips

Step 1: Make the Flowers

An easy and informative instructable video for making the flowers I used is here.  Watch it to get a good idea for how to make the hair flowers. 

For the bridesmaids pins, I actually only used three pieces of fabric.  Rather than cutting circle shapes according to the template in the video, I just cut the fabric into flower shapes, burn all the way around the edges, and have a simpler flower.  That's what I did for the red flowers.  For my own hairpiece, I followed the video exactly except that I didn't bother with the biggest petals--to do so would have ended up with something waaaay bigger than I wanted for a hairpiece. 

Once you've made the layers, either sew them together or hot glue them.  Once the layers are all fastened together, use the hot glue gun to fasten a button or rhinestone or whatever into the center of the flower. 

Now the flower is done; time to move on to assembling the hairpiece.

Step 2: Glue Hairpiece Together

Get out your clock hands.  Place a dot of hot glue on the base of the minute hand, and place the hour hand on top at a small angle, as shown.  Once they're attached, put another dot of glue on the base of the hour hand, and glue the flower to it.  Note that as I was doing this, I did not stick the center of the flower on the center of the minute hand base.  Instead, I offset it a little bit to show more of the clock hands behind the flowers. 

Now hold the peacock feather behind the flower at a jaunty angle to the clock hands.  I originally put a dab of glue on the back of the flower and glued the feather on that way, but the feather tried to rotate on me every time I did it.  So I found that it was easier to hold the feather in exactly the position I wanted it in, and put the glue over the base of the feather instead.  This way, the feather was always in the same plane as the clock hands instead of being rotated forward.  After the glue cooled a little, I pressed on it with the pad of my thumb to get it flat.  That was dumb because the glue was still hot enough to sting a little, but there were no severe long term consequences :)

The last step is to place a line of hot glue on the hair clip and press it into the back of the flower/feather/clock hands arrangement, as shown in the pictures.

And that's that!  The fascinator is finished and ready to be worn.

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