Introduction: Simple and Cheap Tool Organizer

This a realy simple way to organize your tools. When I built my new work bench I install peg board behind it but quickly realized that it would take a pile of hangers to hang all of my tools. So I created this organizer originally to put my plyers on but learned you can put a lot of different tools on it.

Step 1: Make It

This project is so simple it bairly merits description but it wouldn't be an instructable with out it. There are a lot of ways to do this but this is what I did. I used a scrap pice of wood about 3.5 inches wide and 1in check thick. I marked a line back from the edge 1 inch. I measured and marked the location of my holes. Mine are offset mostly because my wood wasent wide enough but it turns out I realy like them stagerd. I put 2 inches between holes. I used a 1 inch whole saw no my drill press to make the wholes.

Step 2: Put It Up Then Get Creative

I used 4 Peg board hangers to put up the organizer. I simply set it on top of them. I might in the future zip tie it down if it seames nessisary. Fill the organizer with tools. Works particularly good with plyers but will hold meany different tools. Now it's time to get creative. you will be left with a pile of little 1 inch circles of wood. With a little imagination I am sure they can be meany things. I built a little toy truck for my little girl. :)