Simple and Effective - Lego Gun

Introduction: Simple and Effective - Lego Gun

This Gun is an easy mechanism that uses 85% Lego, 14% Lego Technics & a Rubber band.
This is my first Instructable and thought that it was a good design seeing that I haven't touched lego for 2 years!!

THere is step by step instructions for the barrel...

Step 1: The 'Firing Mechanism'

This Firing Mechanism requires many fiddly bits so you might have to scrounge up the peices!

Part 1: Firing Mechanism
 You'll Need:
    1x 6cm thick rubber band (if you want a stronger fire speed reduce the length but increase the width of the band)
    1x Long Rod
    2x Small cylinder piece
    1x Pin Holder
    2x Band holder
    2x 1 & 1/2 insert
I don't know the actual names but the pictures will explain!

Note: The the long rod will fly out of the pin holder after two shots, I super glued them together but if your clever you
can wedge bits of rubber in there to stop it! Also, The smalk cylindral pieces are there to wedge the rubber band in
place. Once again if you think of a better way wedge it in there do post and ill fix it!

Step 2: The 'Barrel'

This is the Barrel, the projectile will fly up the tube and out the end when the firing pin is released.

Part 2: The Barrel
You'll Need:
     2x (2x4) flat pieces
   *1x (4x4) flat piece
   *4x (1x12) flat pieces
     4x (1x2) flat pieces
     6x (2x4) thick pieces
     2x (1x10) thick pieces
     1x (1x4) thick piece (but with the three holes in the side)
    *2x (8x1) Flat and smooth pieces
     3x (2x1) flat and smooth pieces

These are the ideal pices for the project, but any with an '*' beside them means that they can be the
same length, just made of lots of shorter lengths, like I did!

Building it...
Here is a basic run through of how to build it, follow the pictuers and tags to construct the barrel. (picture 2 & onward)

Step 3: Firing (YAY)

If you made it right you have the option of making the 'clip'.
It will fire thick 2x2 bricks about 2-3 metres at full rubber band extention ( if its a good rubber band!)
By placing a brick in the hole while the firing pin is still there you can then pull the pin back until the
brick drops into the barrel, then aim and let go of the pin holder. It should send the brick across the room!!


Don't aim at face, it will hurt alot and I take no responsiblity in any injuries that result from pieces flying off
because mine dosn't break and fall apart, also the rubber band is good enough that it dosn't snap!

It is not going to break unless you drop it...Garunteed ( void if you didn't make it right :P)

Step 4: Extra

If you would like to see the clip I made feature in this instructable post a comment and tell me!!

The clip holds five rounds and you can fire them all in about 3.5 seconds!


This was my first Instructable, if you've got suggestions, tips etc... tell me


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