Simple and Free Jack-o-lantern




Introduction: Simple and Free Jack-o-lantern

Hi! In this instructable I'm going to show you haw to create great decoration for halloween night! It is very easy to make and costs almost nothing!
Warning! : Extreme cold and heat,and sharp objects! Take extra attention! : )

Step 1: Things You'll Need:

You will need a soda or beer can,size or shape doesn't matter. : )
Scalpel,scissors,candle,matches and marker.

Step 2: Getting Started!

First thing you are going to do is to draw a Jack-o-lantern on a can using a marker. Is should be in the position that I placed it,so not too high on the can,or too low...

Step 3: Getting It Frozen!

Next,fill your can with water,half an inch from the top(or like 2cm) and put it into freezer to freeze. This step is crucial,since frozen water will provide solid base on which you can cut the can.

Step 4: Now the Cutting!

When the water gets solid frozen,remove the can from the freezer.Caution! Aluminium cans can hurt when frozen. :) (this is the extreme cold part) Now,carefuly cut out the parts that you drawn earlier on the can using scalpel.

Step 5: More Cutting

After you've cut out your Jack,it should look like this. Next,you need to cut off the top off the can ( the part that has no frozen water in it) (2cm off the top) Be careful,cutouts are very sharp!

Step 6: Getting the Ice Gone!

After you've did all the cutting,go to bathroomor kithcen and pour hot water over ice,to get it melted,since we dont need it anymore :)
You should end up with empty can.

Step 7: Some More Cutting

Now,use the scissors to cut down the can,from the opened top-down,about an inch(2,5cm),half an inch apart(1,5cm)...

Step 8: Putting the Candle

Put the candle into the can.

Step 9: Finnish

Fold the upper part of the can,the one you cut 2 steps ago,inwards,to close the can's top, It doesnt have to be closed perfectly. Warning! Watch out,can is very sharp!

Step 10: What You Should End Up With:

There,you're done! Only thing left to do is to use maches to light up the candles through the Jack's mouth :D

Step 11: Happy Halloween!

I hope you enjoyed making my instructable! Make as many as you want and decorate your house or backyard! But be careful,those can get very hot very soon after lighted! (extreme heat part :) )

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    These are awesome! Perfect halloween decor for my 18 year old step son who's far too cool for seasonal decorations these days! ;)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, that's neat!

    (If I'd known about this sooner, I'd have made these with my Cubs, but the next meeting is *after* Hallowe'en. Next year.)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm... We already do a Christmas craft making lanterns from tin cans by making a pattern of holes with hammer and nail...