Simple Bicycle Light and Mount




Introduction: Simple Bicycle Light and Mount

One scrap of polyethylene pipe, one bungee cord from a tarp tent, an inexpensive flashlight, and ten minutes of your time makes a neat bike light and handlebar-mounting system.

Easily installed and removed, easily transferred to other bikes, easy to adjust up/down while riding, lightweight, and inexpensive.

Useful to light the road close-in, or to be seen by others at dawn or dusk, or to use as a backup for your main night lighting system.

Acknowledgement: This design was totally inspired by the sleek and sexy Dinotte 200 lighting system

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Ball bungee cord for tarp tent (purchased at a flea market)

Flashight, 9-LED, 3xAAA, on/off pushbutton on rear, 1" (25mm) diameter (purchased at a home improvement warehouse on Black Friday for $1.66 including batteries)

Polyethylene pipe to match diameter of flashlight, 1" dia, thinwall, 160psi (scrap from another project, originally purchased from home improvement warehouse in giant coil)

Safety glasses and sharp utility knife. (bandsaw with fine blade optional)

Step 2: Fabrication

1) Cut plastic pipe to approximate length of flashlight.

2) Cut two slots crosswise in the pipe to constrain the bungee.

3) Cut pipe lengthwise so that a small gap remains when flashlight is inserted. This allows the bungee to squeeze both the pipe and the flashlight.

4) Insert flashlight into pipe.

- You will slip with the knife. Don't put your skin in the blade's path.
- You may break a blade tip. Always wear safety glasses. (Don't ask.)
- No dimensions are critical.
- If your handlebars are not quite perpendicular to the direction of bike travel, you can cut the crosswise slots at a slight angle to make the light point forward.

Step 3: Installation

Hold assembly under handlebars with slots down. Wrap bungee cord over handlebars and under assembly. Ensure bungee rides in both slots.

My bungee cord is longer than needed, so I usually wrap it twice on one end of the light. Alternatively, you may shorten the length of the bungee cord by tying a new knot inside the ball.

I usually wrap it so the bungee ball is less visible.

That's it. Enjoy.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Another way is to use two of those "Livestrong" type rubber bracelets. You can get some in a color you like, maybe you donate to a good cause for them or maybe people are handing them out at work (happens a lot in certain jobs). You wrap one around the front of your light, over the handlebar, and back down over the back of the light. The wrap the second band around the middle twice, so around the bands BETWEEN the light and the handlebar and back over it again. The second band works as a sort of shock absorber to isolate the light from the metal handlebar.
    I like some of the tiny CR123 lights for this, my favorite is the Romisen RC N3 (maybe $15?) with a rechargeable CR123 battery (2 for $6?) a nano charger (another $6?) to plug into the wall and voila, you have a reasonably priced 3.6 watt LED light for bike or your pocket. Light, batteries and charger available at


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for this. I'll be using one of my daughter's hairbands (ponytail thingy), along with an existing LED flashlight and three rechargeable AAA batteries. I may end up mounting it to my 'dashboard' instead of the handlebar. We'll see.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome, that's exactly what I was looking for (and just my style too!)


    13 years ago on Introduction

    used bike tubes cut into rubber bands work really well for this and their a bit cleaner looking


    14 years ago on Introduction

    That will work great for the upcoming bike rodeo at my girl's school. They get points for having a light.