Introduction: Simple Boot Tree (aka Boot-stander-uppers)

I have this set of boots - I like them, but they always take up way more space than they really need to on the shoe rack because they flop over. It's part of their charm, but shoe space can be valuable. I wanted the calves to stand up by themselves by making my a simple 'boot tree'. Boot trees have been around for a while so this is not an original idea by any means, but thanks to @kcli for inspiring this simpler version of one.

I love the end result, and my favourite part is: I didn't have to buy a single thing for this - 100% recycled!

Step 1: Cut Them (the 'custom Fitting')

First things first - we want to use the pool noodle (or paper towel roll if you have them handy instead) to make the boot calf stand up on its own. You will need to cut your pool noodle to the specific length of your boot. This is pretty straight forward, but there are some minor things to consider. For example, the pool noodle will not likely go all the way down to the sole of the boot (mine didn't), and so you need to cut it shorter then you think.

A couple of tricks for measuring and cutting:

  • Measure the pool noodle along the calf of the boot to see how much you will need. I did not want my holders to stick up past the top of the boot so I wanted to make them shorter than the boot itself. (Note: if have multiple pairs of boots you might use the same holders for, then select your tallest pair of boots.)
  • Use your bread knife and cut the pool noodle at least an inch shorter than the boot itself.
  • Next, use your first cut to let you know where to make your next cut. Lining the first one up on the pool noodle and cut the next length of the pool noodle. You should end up with two exact same length pool noodle pieces.
  • At this point you can test them in your boot and see if you're happy with the length and make any trimming cuts if needed.

Step 2: Dress Them

Once you're happy with the length you can take your old pair of socks and slide them on the pool noodle.

This is a no sew project so just tuck any ends into the centre of the noodle itself for a nice clean look.

Repeat this with your second pool noodle.

Once you're done, slide them into your boots and enjoy the fact that you have a brand new pair of fancy custom made boot propper uppers!

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