Introduction: Simple But Effective Sleeping Beauty Crown (not Disney Inspired)

I was asked to make 4 crowns for a school play and thought I'd make them as original and unique as I could. Here's the crown I made for Sleeping Beauty.

Step 1: Materials

1 Plain Headband
1 Coil of Green wire (0.90mm)
Jade Chips

Step 2: Making the Base of the Crown

Attach the wire to the headband by leaving a small tail. Make sure you have the wire where you want it before wrapping the rest of the wire around the band and tail. Then carry on wrapping it tightly around the headband until you are happy with the length of the base of the crown.

Step 3: Attatching the Jade Chips

After you're happy with the length of the base, bend the wire around the front of the headband, leaving a tail. Then thread on the jade chips. Keep threading them on until you have enough for the chips to stand as a sturdy bridge. Then wrap the remaining tail around the base.

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