Introduction: Simple Cute Crochet Headband With Video Hair-styling Tutorials

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I saw these headbands at a boutique selling for $20! I took one look at them and knew I had to figure out a pattern for them. So I sat down with my crochet hook and experimented until I came up with this pattern. This is a super simple pattern that even a beginner could do. Once you have the pattern down it only takes about 15 min to make the whole thing! The whole project will cost approximately $4 depending on what yarn and button you purchase, plus you will have lots of yarn left over for future projects or to make headbands for all of your friends. I just love it when I see something I love and then I figure out how to make it for much cheaper than you could buy it. Be sure to check out my videos at the end of this tutorial. I will show you 3 simple hairstyles you can use this headband to create.


5 oz yarn in your favorite color. I used 100% acrylic because I have sensitive skin and wool makes me itch. But wool yarn in the same weight would be an excellent alternative.

1 button 1-1 1/2 inch will work, I used a 11/4 inch button for the headbands in this photo

Size J crochet hook

Needle and thread


(I will break down each step with photos but here is the whole pattern, that is easier to read or print, for those of you who don't need more detailed instructions)

Chain 68

Count 8 back from last chain, slip stich in 8th chain to create loop for button hole

single crochet in next 2 of your chain

Chain 56

Connect your two chains together with a single crochet in last two chains of your last chain.

chain 1

Single crochet 4 times going up and around the top of your connected chain

Chain 56

Single crochet in the next two single crochet of last row

Double crochet 8 times into the loop you made

Single crochet in the next two single crochet of last row

Chain 56

Single crochet in the next three single crochet of last row

Chain one

Single crochet 4 times across the top

Chain one turn

Single crochet 4 times making one more row across the top.


Step 1: Step 1: Chain Measure and Make Your Loop

Now lets break it down. Here is each step with photos to make it easier to understand.

Chain 68. (see 1st photo) You should end up with a 20 inch chain when you are done. (see 2nd photo) If yours is shorter or longer, you need to either adjust the tightness of your stitch or switch to to a larger or smaller needle. 20 inches will fit a average sized head if you do it longer or shorter you may end up with a headband that doesn't fit. You could also adjust it by doing more or less stitches for your chain but you will need to adjust your pattern accordingly, I will show you how on step 2.

Now that you have your chain done count back 8 and slip stitch into that chain.(see 3rd photo) If you don't know how to do a slip stitch you can see an illustration of how to do one here: Slip Stitch Now you will have a loop. This is going to be the hole for your button.

Step 2: Step 2: Single Crochet and Make Your Next Chain

If you don't know how to single crochet here is another tutorial Single crochet tutorial

Single crochet in the next two of your chain. (see 1st photo)

Now you are ready to start your next chain, Chain 56, this accounts for the 8 you made your loop with and 2 single crochet you will make at the beginning and end of this chain. 68-8-2-2=56 I only am telling you this so that if you need to adjust the pattern to a larger or smaller head you will know how much to make the chain for your headband. For example if you were making this pattern for a small child you might decrease your original chain to 58. Then minus off the 12 and you get 46 for the rest of your chains. Disclaimer: I actually don't know what the measurements would be for a baby or a small child, I was just guessing. You will have to experiment on your own to figure that one out.

Step 3: Step 3: Connect Your Chains and Loop Around

Now you are going to connect your 2 chains. Before connecting your chains lay the whole thing out and make sure nothing is twisted, remember this step later on when you connect your next two chains. Otherwise you will end up with chains permanently twisted.

Single crochet in the last two chains of your first chain (see 1st photo). Now you chains are connected (see 2nd photo).

We need to get around to the other side to start our next chain. In order to do this we are going to loop around the top of the connected chains with single crochet. (see 3rd photo) To do this we: chain 1 then single crochet 4 times, this should get you to the other side and ready to start your next chain.

Chain 56 for your third head band chain (see 4th photo)

Step 4: Step 4: Finish Up Your Button Hole and Make Your Last Chain

Remember to lay your headband out and untwist it before connecting. Connect the third chain you made to the other two. Single crochet in the next 2 single crochet. (see 1st photo)

Now we are going to double crochet directly into the button hole loop we made (see 2nd photo)

Double crochet 8 times into the loop (see 3rd photo) If you don't know what a double crochet is here is a tutorial double crochet tutorial

Single crochet in the next two single crochet of last row, completing this side of your headband (see 4th photo)

Now you are ready to start your last chain.

Chain 56 to make your fourth and final chain.

Step 5: Step 5: Connect Your Last Chain and Finish

Connect your last chain to the other three, by single crochet in the next 3 single crochet of last row (see 1st photo).

Chain stitch one to start a new row across the top.

Across the top of all 4 connected chains single crochet 4 times (see 2nd photo)

Chain stitch one and turn

Single crochet your last row across the top 4 times and finish. (see 3rd photo)

To finish:

pull a large loop of thread and cut. (see 4th photo) Use your crochet hook to pull the extra string through and tie in a knot. Do this with your starting thread as well. Trim.

Add your button to the side without the loop (see 5th photo). Use thread in the color of your headband and hand stitch it on.

Step 6: Finished Product

These photos show you what it should look like when you are done. The are super cute and can be worn in a variety of ways. You could simply wear you headband as pictured in the intro photos. Or you can do some really cute hairstyles with this headband. I show you how I did them in the following video tutorials.

Step 7: Cute Up-do Using Headband As Your Base

This tutorial shows you how to to a cute up-do using this or any headband. Most lengths of hair will work even shoulder length. Just as long as it can reach up to the headband.

Step 8: How to Do a Messy Top Bun

This video tutorial will show you two ways to do an easy messy top bun. Use the headband you just made to finish the look or use a headband of your own.

Step 9: Headband With Side Braid

Last is a style for longer hair. I show you how to incorporate the headband into a side braid or ponytail. I also show you how to do a fishtail braid.

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