Simple Desk Hack




Introduction: Simple Desk Hack

With this simple hack, you change your unused cable entry into a stylish desk organizer. 

If you have an unused cable entry, you need:
- A cup, which is slightly larger than the hole
- A cutter. 
- Maybe some tape or (hot) glue

Step 1: Measure and Cut

Measure the diameters of the cup. 
Try to clamp the cup into the hole. If this goes well, check the depth of the cup. You won't lose your pens in a dark hole. 
In this case, the cup fits perfectly to the first rim.

This cup was thin-walled and the hole is a little too big for the cable entry. The cup fits perfectly in the gap.

Draw a line on the cup and cut off the material what you don't need. 
Cut off the rim.
Measure the fitting of the cup in the hole, and measure the cup to the ring, modify if needed. 

(If your cup is too wide, you can carefully cut from top to bottom and bend the wall before each other, so then you make the diameter smaller.)

Step 2: Fit and Mount

This cup fits really good into the hole.
I need to press the ring a little into the cup, so it clamps well. 

If necessary, use tape or (hot) glue to attach the ring to the cup.

And here it is, your easy, fast, beautiful and convenient organized desk!

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    8 years ago

    excellent idea! extremely simple...

    I wonder if putting the foam cup in a wax cup would prevent a pen from poking through the weak foam cups bottom. just a thought