Introduction: Simple School Trick

This simple trick can get you some money when your at school, and when the person your betting with is one of those people who whine alot, they might not give you the money.

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need

-A cup-
-A small ball-
Easy right?

Step 2: What You Do

What you do is, take the ball, and place on a surface like a table. Next,take the cup and place it over the ball. Now try and convince them you can put the ball in your pocket without moving the cup at all.

Step 3: The Trick.

Now stare at the cup and probably move your hands in a weird way and make some sounds like your really concentrating. Now tell them to lift the cup. As soon as they do. Casually grab the ball and slip it in your pocket. After a short two minute argue that they'll start with you, tell them that you didn't move the cup like you said, and politely ask for the money.

Step 4: Another Short Trick

Bet them that if they can't guess what hand an object smaller then your hand is in. If you will, you get money. If they win, they get double. Put the object in your hand, put both hands behind your back. Now switch it between hands and then secretly put it in your back pocket. Now tell to pick ONE hand, and that they can't pick both, or none. Congrats, you just make some extra money at school.