Introduction: Simple 'n Easy Nerf Gun Upgrade

So it's raining and there nothing to do but go on xbox or ps..........WELL your completely WRONG!!!!!

Today I am going to show you how to spruce up, upgrade,powerboots your bog standard not the best (but not the worst in my opinion) Nerf Gun and whats brilliant is its Simple 'n the name suggests!!!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Your little tiny list of tools and things are extremely easy to source so that anyone can do this Instructables


1xSmall screwdriver

2 or 3x 1p coins (or any size that is roughly the same if you in America or somewhere else)

And of course your Nerf Gun

Step 2: First Things First.....

You need to make sure your screwdriver fits otherwise your going to round your screws and you'll NEVER get them out (trust me I experienced this first hand with another big Nerf Gun I absolutely loved... I'll post a picture if you comment to remind me). Then your going to want to find where all the screws on the outside are.....their all on one side but one which has been photographed.

!!TIP!! I recommend that you work from left to right or top to bottom vice versa

Step 3: Once You've Taken......

...the screws out you should take off the bit you pull back by pulling from both sides of it. Then put them to one side until reassembly.

Step 4: Inside the BEAST....

...Well not quite yet you still have a few more screws to take get to work

!!TIP!! It is usually left loosen and right to tighten(remember it as a rhyme "Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty")

Step 5: Now Your Inside the BEAST!!!

So this may look confusing but all you need to do is take off one side of the Nerf Gun, then take out the spring and put the 2 or 3 coins in the back of where the spring was, now replace the spring and put the side of the Nerf Gun back on.

Step 6: Nearly There...

put in all the screws you can see a hole for !!BUT!! the 2 smaller ones go under the bit that stores the extra bullets as shown in picture!

Step 7: So Close Now....

put the pulling back bit back on !!NEED TO KNOW!! Put the small metal rod back through the little hole at the top of the little spring shown in the picture! Now tighten all the screws back in place.

Step 8: Having Troubles.....

I have included a little help list with things that troubled me-

1. It won't pull apart? Make sure you've taken ALL the screws out and try again.

2. 3 coins is too much and makes it worse? Well just put 2 in and try again.

3. I HAVE A SCREW LEFT!!!!!!! Don't worry it could be that one I told you about earlier on the other side...if not it won't really matter because it is a well made Nerf Gun so 1 missing screw isn't going to break it!

Step 9: Disclaimer...

I don't take responsibility for broken guns or irresponsible uses of the Nerf Gun

Step 10: I Hope You Enjoyed.....

Thank you very much for reading and hopefully using my Instructable and have fun......NERF ON NERFERS!!!!

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