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Introduction: Simple Office Desk

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Hi, this is my first entry, and i would like to show you an tutorial: How to make simple office desk.

1. What we gonna need:
- Some small screws (12mm)

- Hand drill

- Small hammer

- Small metal angles

- chisel

- Measure tape

- saw

- Refrigerator

- Wood pins

- Brush (2 large, 2 small)

- Lacquer

- Mordant

- Pencil

- Plastic foil

- Ammo shells

- Gold paint (like 10ml)

- Any decoration you can imagine

- Simple vice carpentry

- Glue for wood

- Wood (i used cheapest pine wood)

Step 1: Meassure Your Materials

My desk have 85cm but i admit, it should have 70cm

Step 2: Segregate Your Wood

How you can see some of boards are old and have distortion, choose best for front (and this acceptable, to inner side)

Step 3: Plan

Measure everything to calculate whole project. My every board have 9cm width, it will have in front 3 main beams (5x5cm) so it will be 12 boards x9cm + 15cm (beams) = ~123cm length and: ~64cm width (6x9cm +10cm)

Step 4: First Drills

Go to refrigerator and take something to drink, and then, mark point (2 or more) on sides of every plank be sure they are at the same height (everything, even beams)

Adjust drill size to your pins.

Drills holes and get ready for some drawing.

Step 5: Draw Something

Get your printer on, and print some letters, (i uploaded my, that i used for desk) cut them from paper (add extra layers, so you can use them easier)

When you mark the hight of letters, you can just copy it on planks. (use pencil!)
Then, your hand drill comes in, with hard edge so you can easily carve the letters (little advice, don't worry you get too deep cuts, later, it will be easier to paint the recess)
after that clean every plank with dry toothbrush and dry cloth.

Step 6: Carving Part 2

Get your beams and point the edges you want to smooth, use chisel to get the job done.
On the last step you see i mark edge of this metal angles, it is some decoration things that i found in flower shop.

Step 7: Paint Time!

Put your plastic foil everywhere you can, it will be dirty job.
(little advice, take your large paintbrush and wipe it with sandpaper so every small/weak peace of hair will be left before painting)

I used dark mahogany mordant and painted every peace of wood with two layers.
The top of desk once painted need to wait 24h, and then you need to polish it with sandpaper (like 240g)
after that, clean it with dry cloth and put the second layer.

Step 8: Focus and Paint

Get a small (tiny) brush, and gold paint i think you know what to do.

Step 9: Connection

Ok, get your pins, and stick the glue into drilled holes (if your pins are askew, just cut the edge of it)

(before you connect anything with glue, check it on dry, so you can correct the pins or drill new holes if needed)

Use brush to get your glue on whole side of board, connect 2 of them, then add third, use vice carpentry to hold them hard (12hours) if glue will leak from connection line, just use tiny brush and dry cloth to clean it.

Step 10: Top of Desk Decoration

After 24hours, when second layer dried up, I drilled every 8 cm. a hole seize of the ammo shell (i used .38 special) around the table.(through the primer firearm is larger, it fits perfectly covering the edge of holes.)

Step 11: So Far So Good

We need to build it like we had in plan, 5 boards, 6 beams, easy. be sure to reinforce your desk with small metal edges, glue and tiny screws.

Step 12: Last Step

Add small wooden slats in some edges, and clean with dry cloth whole desk.

Then get plastic foil around it because you need to secure all work with lacquer. (just do it like before, paint, dry, polish with 240g sandpaper, clean, paint again wait 24h.)

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    7 years ago

    What kind of ammo shells did you use on your build?
    .22lr, .38 special? I tried zooming in on the accent, and could see it very well. Great job love the brass accents!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Exactly .38 special! (i should add this information, thanks)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks mates, this words really give motivation to create new things!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love your brass shell acents! Not something I expected when I originally opened your instructable.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    absolutely stunning! well done, and thank you for sharing this office desk Instructable - I love the stain color, too!