Introduction: Simple Small Soldering Iron Cooling Fan

About: Electrical Engineer

for cooling soldering iron...

Step 1: Take One Container Box and Casing Caping

cut the casing caping 30cm ..and cut the container box as photo...

Step 2: Take the Mobile Charger and Break It.

break it and take out the circuit.

insulate the circuit for safety..

Step 3: Take the Casing Caping..

take the casing caping and create hole in size of motor. and fix the motor..

Step 4: Take the Container

take the container box and fix the circuit.. make the hole in container box for wire. and cut it for switch.

Step 5: Then

take the casing caping and tuck it into the hole. and join any type of Wight for Balance..

Step 6: Close the Container Box.

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