Introduction: Simple Solder Dispenser Pen for ~$2

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Here is just how to make a simple solder dispenser for next to nothing. 
This is my first instructable. 

Now sometimes a large spool of solder is a bit big for most tasks. And if you don't have a solder dispenser this instructable is for you. It's simple and almost free.

Tools: Wire cutters

Materials: A cheap pen
                   2ft of solder

Step 1: Take Apart the Pen

Fist thing we need to do is take apart the pen. 
Remove the end cap, the ink and the lid.

Step 2: Wrapping the Pen Ink With Solder

Now wrap the solder around the ink. Don't wrap it too tightly otherwise it will be hard to pull off.

Step 3: Taking the Solder Off the Pen and Put It in the Pen Body

Slide the solder off the ink tube and put it in the pen body. Your almost done.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Now recap the end of the pen.

Step 5: Done!

you are now finished