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Introduction: Simple Springy Paper Chain

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Hi, this instuctable will show you how to make a simple springy paper chain.

It's a really simple but versatile technique that can be used for decorations and fancy dress attachments for any occasion. 

It can be made from almost any type of paper from plain to strips of old magazines.

Tools needed
Scissors - alternatively you can use a craft knife 

Paper - for the purpose of this instructable i am using two different colours to make it easier to see which way it's is folded
Something to stick the strips together with - I am using double sided tape but a stapler or glue will work just as well.

Step one
Cut the paper into strips from top to bottom (when the paper is in portrait layout).
The strips and be any almost any width, narrower strips will give you longer thinner chains while wider strips will give you shorter bulkier chains.

Step two
Attach the two strips together at one end at a right angle using either the double sided tape or stapler

Step three
Fold the bottom-most strip (green) over the top of the top strip (orange) and then fold the orange strip over the green strip then green over orange and repeat until you get to the end of the strips.

Step four
When you get to the end of your two strips attach them together and voila, finished.
Note: there may be a bit of excess paper, don't be afraid to cut this off.

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