Introduction: Simple Waste Basket From Palletwood and Bent Steel Wire

Material list:

ca 120 cm heavy duty fence wire ( found trampeled down in forest near me)

three lenghts of 2x4 palletwood; one ca 100 cm and two ca 33 cm ( adjust according to height/waste bag size)

one piece

4 wood screws

wood glue

Tool list:

tablesaw or skil saw

wood chisel and hammer/mallet


( Use drill and screw holes first if wood is very dry or your screws are big)

any finishing solution you like ( I left it rough as is as this was only a "proof of idea" kind of thing. Only chiseled off wood from bottom legs to avoid scratching floor more than necessary.)


Cut wood pieces to desired height and lenght based your preferences.

Feet angled at 45 degrees, sawed and chiseled into both pieces to allow better stability and glue surface.

Wood screws added to help gluing up as this was hopeless to fit in any vise I had.

Steel hoop bent with hands or in simple jig according to waste bag type you intend to use and ends glued into small block of wood .

Slits in block was cut with saw and then widened/lenghtened with chisel.

Bend wire to shape of waste bag you like and at each end 90 degree bend with ca 10 cm sticking into fastening holes. Glue all joints and add screw.

Ready to use with this rough finish but can improve with routing edges, sanding and finish with varnish or paint.

July 19th 2015