Introduction: Stop Losing Small Computer Devices

I got a laptop for Christmas this year along with a flash drive to go with it. The thing is is that I'm a college student and carry my laptop and stuff like that in my backpack. I got sick of digging through it every time I needed my flash drive, so I taped it to my computer.

Step 1: Ingredients (Stuff You'll Need)

One roll of handyman's secret weapon (duct tape) or packaging tape(this is what I used)
One flash drive that you are getting sick of searching for every time you need it
One flat surface upon which to tape your device
A little  patience and about 15-20 minutes
(The more rectangular or square your device is the easier it is going to be to make the pouch for it. )

(Sorry, the picture isn't very good. All it is is packaging tape and my flashdrive. It's on a cord because I'm using it at the time. HAHA)

Step 2: Make a Pouch

Sorry, no more pictures from here on out. But these steps are easy to follow, and you should be able to follow along.
First, take a strip of tape long enough to go around the device and overlap at the ends. Take the tape and wrap it around the device sticky side out. Overlap is key here, and make sure the sides of the tape are lined up. Do this as many times as you need depending on the length of the device, and leave room to grip the device so you can pull it out as needed. Overlap each row of tape slightly.
Next, take a strip of tape equally as long as the previous one, and put its sticky side to the sticky side of the first piece of tape. Continue this until all of the tape is covered. Again, leave grip room on your device, and the sides of the tape MUST be lined up to prevent tape from sticking to the device itself.
For the bottom of the pouch, take a small strip of tape and cut it to the width of the device. It shouldn't need to be more than an inch long for small devices. Place this piece sticky side out, and then another the same size sticky side in. Then tape around device to hold the bottom in place.
When you're finished you should have a pouch with similar dimensions to your device. It should grip the device well enough that it's not going to just fall out, but it won't be too tight to prevent you from pulling it out. If you look at the first picture you can see the pouch with my flash drive in it.

Step 3: Place and Tape the Pouch

This is probably the most flexible of all of the steps. Find a place that is accessible and efficient for you. For me it is the lid to my laptop next to my internet card for which I also did this.
1. Place your device.*-- Put the device where you want it.
2. Take a piece of that will contact surface about 1 inch on each side of the device. Place tape over the device to help hold it in place.
3. Take two pieces of tape, and tape down the two edges of the piece in step 2.
4. Take a piece of tape and place tape going down about an inch from the bottom of the device. Place another piece across that to hold it to the surface.   This should be enough to secure your device for a very long time.
*I bet you were wondering what this was about. No it wasn't a typo. If your surface is vertical rather than horizontal, you can take a small piece of tape and roll it up into a small tube and place between your device and the surface you want it to be on.