Introduction: Simple Wicked Witch Mask

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In this instructable i am going to show you how to make a simple wicked witch mask using easy to find materials.

all the shapes are fairly simple and can be drawn out by hand but i will also include a template image should you wish to print them straight onto the card instead.

The basic mask template is one i will be using in future instructables so if you don't have a printer you may want to draw out two and keep one as a template for future mask making.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Stapler and staples.
Craft knife
Cutting mat (or alternatively use the back of an old magazine)

2 x A4 sheets of green card.
1 x A4 sheet of black card (or paper)
double sided tape (for masks i prefer the spongier foam tape to give it a more 3D look but any tape will do)
String (or better yet elasticated cord)

Step 2: The Basic Mask

Once you have your mask template on the card either via print out or drawing it on cut it out, cutting the 3 lines at the top and bottom (6 in total)

Next using your craft knife cut out the eyes, mouth and around the nose flap.

This next bit is a bit fiddly. over lap the edges at the cut at the top and staple them together, repeat this for all the cuts. NOTE: you may want to ensure that the staples go from the inside of the mask out as they will be less likely to snag on hair.

Step 3: Creature Features

Once you have the base of the mask assembled its time to cut out the features.

going from top to bottom we have:
Lip and brow
Nose (left)
Chin (right)

Step 4: Cheek Bones to Die For

Once you have cut out the cheeks bend them slightly to make them curve (kinda like a pringle) Then put a sharp fold along the straight edge (one the template it has a dotted line) you want the fold to  make the piece look vike an upside down Nike swoosh from the top.

Once both pieces have been curved and folded attach some double sided tape to the curved edge and the straight "tab".

line up the straight tab with the edge of the nose slot on the base mask and stick in place, then curve the rest of the cheek round and stick in place. repeat for other side.

Step 5: Not by the Hair on My Chinny Chin Chin

Now for the chin.

Curve the card as with the cheeks and then fold the tabs at the ends. the tabs should fold under the curve (like a Capital D)

Now attache double sided tape to the tabs and attach them to the mask lining up the upper most tab just below the mouth and the lower tab on the lowest part of the chin.

Step 6: Givin' It Some Lip

To add the lip attach some double sided tape near to the staples that hold the jaw of the mask together.

Taking one of the long curved strips, making sure that it curves down (like an "n") attache one end to the mask and then curve the strip round and attach it to the other side. You may have a bit of over hang, just cut that off.

Step 7: Nose (Insert Rhinoplasty Joke Here)

Take your nose section and fold it in half.

Then fold the tabs so they are inside the shape of the nose.

Attach double sided tape to the tabs and attach them onto the tabs of the cheek sections so that the nose flap can still move inside of it.

Step 8: Beating the Brow

Take the curved strip that you have left and attach double sided tape to both ends.

making sure that the curve of the strip is like a U attach on end above the cheek section (around the temple area of the base mask) and curve it round to attach the opposite end to the other temple.

NOTE: make sure you leave enough space for you to see out of the eyes.

Step 9: Warts and All

Now that we have our face its time to add some features.

Fold your black paper in half and from the fold cut out some eyebrows (don't be afraid to go as evil or as bushy as you want)

From a bit of the scrap you will be able to cut out a good old witchy wart. 

Using double sided tape attach them to the appropriate places on your mask.

Now take the remainder of your black paper and cut it into strips to fashion into hair, you may want to use the springy paper chains as mentioned in my previous instructable or just crunch/fold/curve them to give a scraggly feel.

The hair can be attached with double sided tape or staples (just remember if using staples, from the inside of the mask out)

Step 10: Almost Done

take a good length of string. it should be long enough to go around your head with extra to tie knots into.

Cut it in half and tie a knot at one end of each.

Take your knotted end of the string and staple it in place to the inside of the mask making sure the knot is behind the staple (and that the staple goes from the inside of the mask out)

Step 11: Finished

and there you have it a simple Wicked witch mask.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable as much as I did and stay tuned for more masks

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