Introduction: Simplest Alcohol Bottle Rocket

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Hey guys in this Instructables I will be showing you how to make the simplest perfume rocket. Alcohol rocket launchers are very familiar to us. We need to set up PVC pipes, spark plug/ DC source, alcohol, sealants, copper wires etc in addition to a bottle. Here we will see how to make it just like a handy gun by making use of basic goods in our home.

Step 1: Gas Stove Lighter

Ordinary gas stove lighters can be used.

Step 2: Bottle

Any thick plastic bottle whose neck fits into the lighter's end can be used. The inner side of bottle should be dry.

Step 3: Perfume

Perfume is the source of alcohol in our project. Most of the perfumes contain Ethyl alcohol in it. It is recommended to use those without gas in it. You can use the one with gas too.

Step 4: Fill the Fuel

Perfume is our fuel, give one or two sprays of perfume into the bottle and shake it.

Step 5: Fix the Bottle to the End of the Gas Lighter

The lighter may be having some holes at the end so we should make sure that the neck of bottle covers all these holes for making it air tight. Make sure you don't press the lighter while doing this!

Step 6: Your Bottle Rocket Is Ready to Fly!

Aim to the target and push the lighter... You have launched your bottle rocket successfully! Hold it away from you while launching the rocket. You can reuse the same bottle every time.

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