Introduction: Simpleto Cardboard Plane

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simpe plane cars board that everyone can try..

hope u enjoy it

Step 1: Before We Begin, We Need....


marker pen

card board



cotton bun


Step 2: Sketch the Plane.

1.sketch the plane on cardboard..

2.make sure u draw big..

  • draw as u wish
  • in cm

Step 3: Sketch the Wing

make double wing..

Step 4: Cut the Board

after finish sketching..cut the board

Step 5: Cotton Bun

- cut the cotton bun 4 the plane wing

Step 6: Ready to Put It In

the plane is ready

Step 7: Finish

n tadaaaaaaa...hahahaha

i dont known how to write well

so, hope u understand..

enjoy it..hahahahaha

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