Introduction: Simplified Stove

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Are you lacking a stove or you have one, but you feel that it is too complicated? Well I have the solution for you. This is how you say a much simpler and probably better stove than those big bulky boulder stoves. No more paying $1,000 for a brick stove that has to be squeezed into your home and takes up half the space in your room. This small compact stove is very cheap to make and has minimal requirements to make it.

Materials: aluminum can, isospropyl, pan, lighter, food


1. Take the aluminum can and cut it half way down the can all the way around to form a container which holds the fuel.

2. Put the isopropyl in the container and light it on fire.

3. Crack the egg, put it in the pan or whatever food it is that you are using.


Feel free to use whatever fuel you want including but not limited to butane, gas, hairspray, leaves, sticks, chemicals, paper, turd, etc.

Cook anything that you want to. This stove is just as good as any other stove and can be used to cook pretty much anything. If you don't want to hold the pan, then just put two tables or stands on each side of the campfire and put the pan on top there.