Introduction: Simplistic Is Not Always Boring

Simple, yet tons of fun and an easy set up for all ages!

The reasoning behind our work is we wanted something to be self moving with little to no help of the viewer, that would continue for a good amount of time, but along those lines demonstrate a deeper understanding of the physics in simple motions.

Science parts: the Simple Motor converts electrical energy (from a battery or voltage source) into mechanical energy (used to cause rotation). The electrons flow from negative to positive in circuitry.Using the right hand rule, our motor spins clockwise.My partner and I did a thirty loop 22 g wire because it experiences thirty times more force then a single wrap by itself. the science behind the small magnet use is, the top and bottom sections of the loop act as current carrying wires in the region of a magnetic field to help the wire keep a continuous spin.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

  1. D battery

  2. Insulated 22G wire

  3. 2 large pins with a big enough hole for wire
  4. Modeling clay

  5. Electrical tape

  6. Hobby knife

  7. Small circular magnet

  8. Thin marker

Step 2: Placing Metal Rods

Cut two short pieces of eletrical tape and set it aside. next, grab your one of the metal rods use ( needle) and the D-battery.after place the metal rod over the negitive and positive side and tape down the needle horizantally

Step 3:

  1. Starting in the center of the wire, wrap the wire tightly and neatly around the marker 30 times.
  2. Slide the coil you made off of the marker.
  3. Wrap each loose end of the wire around the coil a few times to hold it together, then point the wires away from the loop, as shown above.
  4. then remove the insulated plastic around the ends of the wire ( about an inch to two inches)

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Grab your wire and place it through the loops of the rods to the open parts of the wire are making contact with said rods. then you wil take you magnet and place it under the loop connected to the battery.

side note: if you try to spin it in the opposite direction it will not work.

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