Introduction: Simply Vinyl Clock Under $5

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Simple and pretty vinyl clock that you can build in under 15 minutes.

It makes a nice addition to your house and you can bluff people on either that you got it from a made up antique store or that you made it(but shh don't tell them how easy it was, keep it a secret).

Step 1: Get All Your Materials!

So real simple for this you're going to need 2 things (everything else is extra)

  1. Clock Module
    1. Buy it from ebay
    2. Rip apart an old clock that you have laying around or you bought from the 99 cent store.
  2. Vinyl Record
    1. Easy way out is ebay
    2. Go to your local record store and ask around if they got any scratched vinyls they can sell you on the cheap.

Step 2: Assemble

This is real easy.

  1. Screw in the vinyl to clock module. (Your vinyl record should have the right diameter for it, other wise take a file and sand it down a little bit)
  2. Press in the hour hand, then the minute hand, and finally put the seconds hand in there.

And, viola you're done with assembling!

Step 3: Optional: Add the Numbers

On this part feel to take any artistic liberties. I decided to 3D print mine.

Here's what I used/did:

Opened up my CAD Software (I used Fusion360, they have a free license for personal use)

Created a sketch with my text & extruded it 2mm. (I'm attaching the models just in case you want to use the exact ones)

Headed over to my slicer and processed the models to 3D Print them.

Some other cools things you can do if you decided to go with CAD & 3D Printing:

  • Change the font
  • Play with different colors & sizes

Otherwise you can just paint them in or cut them out of something else.

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