Introduction: Simply Warm Fleece Kimono

Step 1: Materials Needed.

Sewing Machine
Rotary Cutter (optional)
Tape Measure

Step 2: Measurment Directions:

Back Width: Equals one half (1/2) the circumference of the body at the widest point.


Neckband Length: Equals 2 times (2X) the length of the kimono front plus 2 times (2X) the neck opening.


Neckband Width: Equals 2 times (2X) the neck opening.


Length of Front: Equals the length from the center of the shoulder down to the desired length of the kimono at the bottom.


Length of Back: Equals the length of front.

**** there is no shoulder seam!!


Sleeve Opening Size: Equals the width of the upper arm at the widest point plus desired amount for comfort.

**** this must be at least 6 inches


Width of Sleeve: Equals the sleeve opening size plus additional fabric for the large billowing sleeve. This can be as large as you choose for aesthetics. Some Kimonos can have these sleeves go as far down as the ground, others are only a few inches wider than the sleeve opening.


Length of Sleeve:  Equals the length up one arm, across the shoulders, and down the next arm; minusthe back width; divided by two (2). Lengthen or shorten this according to personal preference.

Step 3: Kimono Cutting Instructions

·        Cut one (1) kimono body according to diagram and measurements.

·        Cut two (2) kimono sleeves according to diagram and measurements.

               Cut one (1) neck band according to diagram and measurements

Step 4: Proceed With the Sewing of the Garment

·        Find and mark the center of the kimono shoulder at the edge.

·        Find and mark the center of the sleeve on the width side.


Step 5: Sewing the Sleeves.

·        Put the “right” sides together of both parts matching the center markings on the edges.

·        Sew the sleeve to the kimono at the sleeve opening where the marks align. Only sew the length of the sleeve opening. Leave the excess that you had added for aesthetics unsewn.

Step 6: Sew the Side Seams.

·        Fold kimono in half at shoulders with the “right” sides together.

·        Sew kimono side seams. Do not sew sleeve opening shut.

·        Sew the bottom edges of the sleeves. Do not sew them to the sleeve opening.

Step 7: Sewing the Neckband.

·        Fold neck band in half lengthwise.

·        Sew neckband to kimono along front edges and neck line.

Step 8: Hem and Wear.

·        Hem the bottom and sleeves.

·        Optional: Tie with a cord or make a belt with extra fleece.

 Once this is done you might find yourself wanting to make more with lots of different materials.

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