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Introduction: Simply the Best Thai Pizza

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If you have ever had Thai pizza before, you know how good it can be. If you haven't, you need to! I have always loved Thai chicken but had no idea it could be on pizza. I had always used the Thai peanut sauce when making Thai pizza but recently picked one up at a local pizza franchise that used Thai style sweet chili sauce instead. Wow! this stuff was GOOD. Although, the amazing flavor of the Thai peanut sauce was missing. I have since upgraded my Thai pizza to include both of these amazing flavors and learned that my favorite pizza just got better!



Pizza crust (I typically do a store bought because (1) I'm too lazy to make my own and (2) it is only there to hold the amazing flavors on top so it is not as important)

Thai style sweet chili sauce

cheese ( I typically use mozzarella and Parmesan)

Vegetables (you can use whatever you like but I typically use the following:

- Zucchini (sliced and diced)

- Celery (Chopped)

- Red pepper (diced)

- Carrot (grated)

Dried jalapenos (optional)

Chicken (one small breast)


Corn starch

Olive oil

Thai peanut sauce

Coconut milk

Peanuts (optional)

Step 1: Prep

Start by preheating your oven to 450 degrees. then, get your vegetables sliced, diced and chopped so when you are ready to build your creation, they are ready to go.I typically chop up celery, Zucchini and red peppers red peppers but feel free to add or delete toppings based on your taste.
Note: If you use carrot, it is much easier to grate it directly on top of your pizza in a later step.

Step 2: The Sweet Sauce for the Base

Drizzle the Thai style sweet chili sauce on top of your pizza crust and spread it evenly covering the entire crust.

Step 3: Smother It With Cheese!

Cover crust with a layer of cheese.

Step 4: Add Your Vegies

Add your Dried jalapenos and fresh chopped vegetables. Grate your carrot directly over the top of your pizza.

Step 5: Cook Up Htat Chicken (and Peanuts)

dice your chicken into fairly small (1/2" or so) pieces. Combine about 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup corn starch into a large zip top plastic baggie. Place chicken into baggie with flour and corn starch, close tightly, leaving plenty of air inside the bag and shake vigorously until chick is coated.

Pour a small amount of olive oil into your pan and turn the heat onto high.

Once oil is hot, place chicken pieces into pan and cook on high until done.

I usually add a handful of peanuts about a minute or two before the chicken is completely done in order to slightly toast the peanuts.

Step 6: Time to Add More Yummy Sauce and Flavor

add just enough Thai peanut sauce to coat chicken. continue to cook this for a couple of minutes to create a nice coating around each piece of chicken. If there are some in your family that do not like spicy food, you can add a few spoons of coconut milk to this in order to "cool" it down just a bit. If you do, only add the thick milk on top inside the can, not the water in the bottom portion.

Step 7: Wait! You Need More Cheese.... and More Yummy Sauce

Add chicken to pizza and top with more cheese.

Drizzle a small amount of the Thai style sweet chili sauce over the top of your pizza

Step 8: Makin the House Smell Really Good

Bake at 450 degrees for about 8-10 minutes. I like to switch the oven over to broil the last minute or two just to cook/crisp the top of the pizza.

Step 9: Look at All That Goodness!

Once it is done, you know what to do.... slice it up and enjoy!


I like to make extra (chicken and vegetables) and use it in a wrap the next day for lunch since I always have left over chicken after making this.

Step 10: Bonus Pics

In case you are not familiar with some of the ingredients, Here are a couple of pics of the Thai peanut sauce, dried jalapenos and Thai style sweet chili sauce. I hope yo enjoy this as much as I do.

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    Yeah, delicious Thai pizza!!


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    Ohhhh peanut sauce makes everything better :D