Introduction: Sing Your Dog to Sleep!

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So... This instructable I have made will tell you how to sing a dog of any breed to sleep. IT WORKS! I have actually tried this method on both of my dogs... an Australian kelpie and an Australian terrier... And within ten minutes they were asleep! I also know a lot of people who use this method and it has worked 90% of the time! Read on!


First, you need to direct your dog to a quiet, peaceful spot, with not too much light. For best results, you can choose a place that will create a (VERY) soft echo. Your dog also has to be on a comfortable surface, such as a dog bed for best results. But this is not essential.... I have done this on a concrete floor! A dog bed is the best choice as your dog will have learnt to associate it with sleep already. Also, being our best friends and loyal companions, every dog deserves quality and comfort!


So... When doing this you will need to use a specific tune. The lyrics don't matter... You can make up your own or just simply hum the tune. The correct tune is going to be very hard to write so it might not be very clear... If you have any questions please post them in the comments and I will answer them ASAP! The first two notes are of the same pitch and should be swiftly sang one after the other. Don't make them too fast or with too much emphasis. The next note should be a little higher in pitch... But just a little. This note should also be maybe half a second longer in length than the first two maybe. For this instructable, I am going to call these first three notes I have mentioned 'set 1'. Repeat set one a second time so you have sang it twice. Swiftly after singing set one twice, you will need to sing a new set of is set two: note one of set two should be fairly low... Not too low though. This should be maybe half a second longer than the third note in set one. Sing this same note again twice, quite fast, so that you have now sung this note three times. After you have finished this, you need to sing two more notes, of the same pitch, slightly lower than the last ones. The second note of these two should be slightly longer held than any of the previous notes. So... Now I have explained set one and two, it gets a lot easier for me to explain. All you have to do now is just repeat set one and two over and over again until your dog falls asleep. However, every second time you sing the last two notes of set two, these notes should be slightly higher than the third note in set one. So now you know the tune... As I have already said just keep repeating this tune very softly until your dog gets drowsy and eventually falls asleep. Adorable! Thanks for reading! In an attempt to explain the tune as best as I can I know it is probably very hard to understand... But fear not! Feel free to post as many questions as you like in the comments section! I will try to answer them all ASAP ! Also, if you do try this and it works, please be sure to let me know! Remember,it he tune does not have to be absolutely perfect to work! You know what appeals to your dog, so experimenting is always a good idea! BTW the pics I have provided for this step are my two totally adorable dogs! The black one is my first dog, Smokey,and the small brown one is Rosie! So cute!