Singing Cardboard Cake Box



Introduction: Singing Cardboard Cake Box

Add a funny touch to your cake by adding a little bit of music when opening the cake box!

Step 1: Materials

- make your own cardboard box or use an already existing one
- a birthday card
- scissors
- glue or double sided adhesive tape
- a marker and ruler

Step 2: Take Out the Music Component From the Card

Gently reveal the music underneath, take your scissors and cut around it.
Don't cut the plastic lid that attaches the plastic pull tap to the card.
Make sure you don't actuallt cut the wires.

Step 3: Pull Plastic Flap Out

This way its easier to work without the music constantly going off

Step 4: Mark Where Your Music Sould Come

Here you see why I did not yet seperate the flap and the music; it's easier to mark this way.

Step 5: Seperate the Two Parts

Make sure you don't cut the plastic flap

Step 6: Stick the Parts to the Box

Use glue or double sided tape and use your markings to stick the parts to the right place.
Watch out with the glue that you don't put glue in the holes where the music will be coming from.

Step 7: Put Plastic Flap Back Into Place

Step 8:

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