Introduction: Single Cord 4 Strand Flat Braid

Here is how to tie a 4 strand flat braid with a single cord. Useful as a lanyard or Zipper pull.

Step 1:

Tie an overhand knot. Make the loop slightly longer than the finished braid.

Step 2:

Bring the right hand end to the left going over two.

Step 3:

Bring the left hand end to the right going over, under.

Step 4:

Twist the loop to the left,

Step 5:

Bring the right hand end over, over.

Step 6:

Bring left hand end under, over, under.

Step 7:

To lengthen repeat steps 4 - 6.

To finish either leave the ends free or tie the two strand knot of your choice. In the examples shown I used the slipped overhand knot