Introduction: Single Pallet Chair

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For this Instructible, you will need a minimum of one pallet, one hammer and one hand saw.  You can use more than that (screws, drill, varnish, new nails, et cetera) but it's more of a challenge to use the minimum of materials and equipment.

This project was made as part of an installation in Cuge Le Pins, France. The installation can be seen here:

Step 1: Cut the Pallet in Half

Well actually don't cut it quite in half; cut it lengthwise right after the blocks...see the pictures if this statement doesn't make sense.

Step 2: And Again...

You're going to want to cut the slightly-less-than-half pallet section on one side of the blocks again so that it is divided into a 45/55 split.

Step 3: Destruction/Construction

You can completely dismantle the smallest portion of pallet for boards.

Take the slightly-more-than-half section from your last division of the pallet and connect it under the blocks of the biggest pallet portion. Add two boards (which you should have removed from what was the smallest portion of pallet) for legs.

Step 4: Everybody Needs a Little Support.

Add a couple, or a few, of those spare boards to under where the seat of the chair rests on the back/legs.

Step 5: Add 2 Boards and You're Done!

Add two more boards (from that smallest portion of the pallet which you dismantled) to connect each fore-leg to it's corresponding hind-leg.

Now you've finished; well done! you now have yourself a sturdy and rustic-looking chair made from a single pallet.