Introduction: Single-Single-Double-Foldout-Bed

I had a guest bed in my small home office but it was to bulky and used a lot of floor space. So I decided to build a new one. I found a free plan for a foldout bed on this website

But the plan did not fit my mattress size. So I had to modify the plan. The box in back is 209 x 109 x 44 cm in dimensions. The small shelf is 15 cm and covers the foldout part of the bed. The smaller front panels are 100 x 67 cm in size.

Step 1: Building the Foldout Part and Mattress Support

I cut three different sized board from 18 mm pine. 12 100 x 33,3 cm being the two mattress supports. 16 30 x 40 cm for the longer and 8 30 x 20 cm for the short foldout boards. The boards are connected with piano hinges. The mattress support get holes for ventilation.

Step 2: Making Panels to Build a Storage Box

I used my router table and special router bits to make the rails and stiles of a panel. Basically it is just a box to store the mattresses. I am not able to transport big sheets of plywood in my car. If you have the opportunity to transport big plywood sheet make the box out of this material. Connect them with pocket holes or screw them together. Would be much easier. If you ask why have the front and back panels different sections? Because i need them to screw the foldout part an the small shelf to it. I painted them white to light it up.

Step 3: Building the Top Cover

Also on the router table I made a molding out of two board. You only need a 12 mm and a 6 mm round over bit and 6mm ball nose bit to get this molding.

Step 4: Building a Jig

I bought this Ikea style connectors and needed a jig. It will wear out but it did the job. I apologize about the ugly handwriting on the jig. You need some scrap wood, a 15 mm Forstner bit, a 8 mm and a 5 mm drill bit. The 15 mm hole is located on the center line and 34 mm from the fence. The 5 mm hole is also on the center line but only 9 mm from the fence. The two 8 mm holes beside the center line are 4 cm apart. (Pictures 2 and 3).

Next you had to drill 8 mm holes through the fence part. One on the center line, two 4 cm apart from the center line. Be as accurate as you can.

Step 5: Using the Jig

Mark your connection point on the boards where you want to connect them. Drill the 5 mm and 8 mm holes on top (Picture 2). On the matching part of the connection drill the 8 mm and 15 mm holes through the fence and on top (Picture 4). The center hole got the metal dowel. All other got wooden dowels.

Step 6: Making Handles

I made some simple handles out of scrap wood. It is 15 mm plywood clued together. A 20 mm hole fits the wooden dowel. Breaking the corners with a small round over bit on the router table.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

Here you can see all the parts of the foldout bed. Start with the back panel. Screw the metal dowel in and plug the wooden ones. Put in the bottom, top and side pieces in like you do on an Ikea furniture. Do the same with the front panel and put it on. Screw the top cover on and insert the door. Screw the foldout and mattress support on and your done. I painted everything white to have a nice look. I painted it twice with a light sanding in between.

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    4 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    Very intresting! I've never seen a foldout bed like this before :)


    Question 2 years ago

    where do you store the mattresses when the supports are folded up?


    Answer 1 year ago

    The mattresses get stored in the box behind the foldout part. On the right side is a door to put them in.


    2 years ago

    Creative idea and successful embodiment .Thanks fo sharing.