Introduction: Single Chip, 2 Wire 4x4 LED Matrix

I had started this back a couple months ago by collecting all the parts and doing some basic design ideas, then the arduino contest poped up and it took back seat to a very over ambitious project

1 week before the arduino contest deadline, I was not in a good position to even come close to the original contest idea, so i yanked this thing back out and constructed it in about 3 evenings

This is more of a show off, than anything else, when I publish my arduino project (basicly everything you need to know to control this thing) i will provide schematics and juicy details

Until then please enjoy the slide show

The entire circuit is made on a business card sized perfboard, with over 120 solder points, and only using uninsulated bus wire (not a single wire crosses over another while still on the same side) and there was no plan, all the wire routing was done on the fly as I confronted it

All parts except for the bus wire and perfboard were scavenged off of various boards using a keen eye for handy  "junk" (so its green as in recycling)

I don't expect anyone to actually replicate this in my future instructable, the circuit itself is fairly easy and could be done any number of ways, and I will leave that up to the reader.

Call it a testament of my patience, and commitment to insanity, but to put it into perspective I got my first soldering iron when I was 10 or 11, and I did not get my first breadboard until I discovered in late 2007 (I am 30 now)  ... so its just another project to me :)