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Introduction: Sintra-iPod Nano Speaker

About: civil engineering student

The casing is made of sintra board.
Specially made for iPod nano (1G,2G & 4G) and iPod shuffle(2G)
Also work with other iPods, mp3 players, walkman phones, sony psp and many more

Step 1: What You Need

An old pc speaker (but still working)
ruler and pencil
sintra board (3 mm thick)
used ladies stockings (preferablly black or gray)
soldering iron
3.5 mm av jack
instant glue / glue gun
cutter and scissors
screw driver
long nose pliers
and of course an ipod!!!

Cost only php 3.00 (roughly 6 cents in usd)

thanks to jason for the speaker (haha!)
My brother for the sintra board
and to my mom for the stockings

Step 2: R-e-m-o-v-e!

Remove the speakers and its circuit board from the casing.
Set aside it.

Step 3: Create!

Create a new casing. Using cutter and scissors cut out a new casing for the speakers and circuit board from sintra board.

(Hint: i made a plan previously the details and the dimensions of the new casing.)

Assemble the base and the side of the casing first using glue gun or instant glue.

Other parts of the casing will assemble later as you finish installing the speakers inside.

You can also spray-paint the board the color you want to match your ipod or mp3 players.

Step 4: Create Covers

Create a cover for the speakers as shown.

Step 5: Cut-Out

Cut out sintra board, this time for the dock casing.

Before assembling the dock, make a hole for the volume control and power switch in the front part of the dock casing.

I solder another av jack specially positioned for ipod nanos (1st, 2nd and 4th generations) and ipod shuffle (2nd generation).

I also change and relocate the led (see photos). Have a test if the jack is properly working.

Step 6: Assemble

Now assemble the speaker casing.

Step 7: Make a Back Casing

Now for the back casing, i made somewhat similar to the back casing of cellphones.
Sliding type to open it at any time when a repair or alteration is to be made.

Done and done!

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    manong pepe
    manong pepe

    12 years ago on Introduction

    wOah! nice one dude!!! Looks like an expensive one from malls!!!

    Capt. Howdy
    Capt. Howdy

    12 years ago on Introduction

    Good job. Looks great. I made something similar and found that when i hot glued some of that nylon stuffing from a pillow (batting i think its called) in all the corners i got a deeper and less popping sound from my project. BTW i liked the all caps thing i can't see as well as i used to plus i like to chill in my recliner while i'm on my computer.LOL i have the worlds longest keyboard cable.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is a good project, but in the future, try not to capitalize everything. It gets distracting and obnoxious.