Sister Axe

Introduction: Sister Axe

Ever wanted to make an Axe for cheap? Well it's easier then you think, just look at my instructable for step by step instructions on how to create a cardboard axe.

Step 1: The Body

This is simple, get a cardboard box and open it completely. Cut it so you have cardboard strips. Divide the box in four strips just in case(the fourth strip is extra in case of a mistake). Now with a pencil draw the stem of the axe on the cardboard. Do this three times making the same template. It should be around the thickness of your palm in width. Cut the template out three times.

Now, use a glue gun and  and fuse the three strips together. Make sure to do this quickly as the glue dries extremely fast and could affect how well they attach together.

Step 2: The Axe Head

To make the axe head, take a strip of cardboard and draw the axe head on it (this could be a good time to use the extra box strip if you still have it and if its the desired size). Repeat this template so you end up with two templates. (If you run out of cardboard, just grab a box and cut out more strips.)

This is the more tricky part, cut out both of the axe heads and make them as similar to each other as you can! If you don't it'll look really awkward. 

Now, glue gun one of the axe heads to the stem. Then glue the other on top of the other side, sandwiching the stem in the center by the axe heads. Wait for it to dry for about 20 minutes to be safe, before going on to Step 3.

Step 3: Making It Yours

This is all up to you, the color, the decorations, make it yours!

But, if you want to make it like mine, I have the steps for you.

First, paint the axe head silver (I recommend acrylic paint) and the body (stem) black.

Second, using a template (sorry I don't have it for you but mostly this is up to you anyway.) Make the main decoration on both sides of the axe heads.

Lastly, Add the gems! you can find them in any craft store. Even create a cool design with swirls and add some glitter. I encourage you to make it yours!

And Presto! you have the Sister Axe!

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